Space Holiday Review

By , on September 25, 2012

Space Holiday
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3 out of 5


  • An interesting concept if nothing else.
  • Stars with different properties keep things relatively fresh.


  • Rather simplistic visuals.
  • The gameplay isn't exactly gripping.


A fun diversion, which is what a holiday should be, but seeing that the destination is space, you would expect something a little more engaging.

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Everyone deserves a holiday, and hey, if the holiday is in space and you're in no danger of explosive decompression, all the better! Space Holiday is a simple little puzzle game in which you have to chart a course around the level's stars excluding all those nasty asteroids that might impede your travel as a portal opens off to a new constellation.

The crux of this puzzle experience is in connecting all the stars via a line, with no asteroids being in the middle of the shape that's created. A line is created by tapping a star and then tapping another star. Tapping the new star will remove the line (or for a quick rewind, tap the start of the chain). To create the portal without asteroid interference you need to connect the stars with the asteroids on the outside, complete your portal when moving asteroids are out of the way, or use any of the specialty stars to remove the asteroids from existence.

Over time new stars will be introduced like the ninja star which will throw a shuriken, obliterating any asteroids in a straight line, or the cannon and angel stars. If you're stuck on a stage, you can use your space ray to transform the asteroids into helpful stars, but use of this feature will cost you additional money through In-App Purchase.

With a simple storybook presentation, Space Holiday is novel enough, and certainly a low key brain teasing experience as far as puzzle games go, but it's in this low key execution that boredom and tedium can dwell for some players. Depending on your impressions, this could be the holiday from hell or the vacation of a lifetime.


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