Mission: Deep Sea Review

By , on March 11, 2010

Mission: Deep Sea
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3 out of 5


  • You don't have to be a hippie to enjoy playing as a sea turtle.
  • Excellent 3D underwater effects and artwork.


  • Sparse environments filled with jellyfish feel awkward.
  • Little gameplay challenge with tilt controls.


Mission: Deep Sea is an experience more than it is a game, with the swipe controls filling in for more difficult challenge, but it's still well worth a play for the experience or for your kids.

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Thanks to some advanced technology in the world of Mission: Deep Sea by Chillingo, players are invited to take virtual control of sea turtles to help save humanity and the environment. Of course this is just a game, but beyond the overt environmentalism there's not as much depth to what's on offer here.

One of the major features of Deep Sea is the gesture controls used to manipulate your sea turtle. Swipes replicate the movement of the front flippers and act like paddles to turn around or up and down. Much of the depth of the gameplay seems to hinge on the inefficient swipe controls. This is evident when you switch to the tilt-based controls which turn your turtle from a sea slug to a SCUD missile of the ocean, trivializing most of the game's challenges.

For what Deep Sea lacks in gameplay it more than makes up for with its 3D graphics. The water effects are excellent, from its dark green and murky waters to the crystal clear blue ocean waters punctuated by radiant shafts of light spearing down from above. Not a lot of aquatic life is included and makes the experience a bit sterile, but subtle extras are included like plastic bags that look like jellyfish from a distance.

Mission: Deep Sea won't provide many gamers with a challenge, but it's definitely an interesting experience for those looking for something unique on the App Store or something educational to share with the kids.


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