Need For Speed™ Undercover Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Need For Speed™ Undercover
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4 out of 5


  • Some solid customisation options for your cars.
  • A simple and effective control scheme makes the game enjoyable to play.


  • The gameplay seems to be a bit too easy and does not feature any other difficulty options.
  • While the live action cut scenes freshen up the gameplay, the acting is below par and just manages to string the average story together.
  • The game offers a single player main mode only, no online or multiplayer options.


Depending on your love or hate of the franchise will determine whether or not this game is a worthwhile purchase. But if you are a fan of the series, then Need For Speed Undercover is worth a look at.

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Need For Speed has earned a reputation as one of those franchises that will either having players squealing in delight at the high octane gameplay or cringing at the thought of another repetitive sequel. But with this iPhone port of the 2008 console release, Need For Speed Undercover hopes to offer the same fast paced thrills and hopefully draw in both fans and sceptics.

The gameplay is true to the original with the exception of modified controls for the iPhone. Players will accelerate automatically and must focus on steering by tilting the device and braking by touching the screen. Nitro can be used by swiping up on the screen and a ‘bullet time’ type mechanic can be used by swiping down. The simplistic controls make the game more accessible and easier to use, which is always a plus in a fast paced game such as this.

The 3D visuals are smooth and polished and features live action cut scenes to tell the story. The game’s soundtrack can get annoying after hearing the same 2 songs over and over but fortunately players are free to use their iPod during gameplay. The game offers only one main story mode with no online multiplayer options.

While Undercover does offer some exciting gameplay, the game overall feels limited. The story is a bit cliché and the breezy difficulty tends to diminish the otherwise exciting gameplay. This is a game for fans of the original game or the NFS franchise and while there may not be too much new content on offer, players will still enjoy the ride.


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