By , on October 23, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Simple gameplay controls and user interface.
  • Players are able to post their highscores to Facebook.
  • There is a save and quit option if players want to continue later.


  • Gameplay is very repetitive and can get tiresome.
  • No score variation; killing the strongest zombies gives you the same amount of points as weakest.
  • The camera angle and 30 second rounds tend to take players out of the game.


While Pet Sematary does have some enjoyable moments, it’s still a bit too shallow to be a worthwhile purchase.

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Pet Sematary is the newest cash-in on a movie franchise from Paramount Digital Entertainment, this time adapting the 1989 horror film. For those who haven’t seen it, past the woods of a small town, past a local pet cemetery, lies an ancient Indian burial ground. Legend says that if you bury your dead there, they’ll come back to life. But when does resurrecting the dead ever work out the way you planned?

Yes, the zombies of pets and children have risen after a distressed father buries his son there; and it’s up to you to save the town from these ghastly zombies with your trusty rifle. Players will tap the screen to shoot the zombies and reload your gun by tapping the reload button. Each level plays in 30 second waves and there will be a number of dropped bonuses that you’ll need to collect for a higher score.

The top down, god like visual presentation seems to take players out of the game as you feel more like an angel with a gun than a person in the town. The sound is well done and features a number of involving sound effects. The game is single player only, featuring a continue option and highscores can be posted to Facebook.

While Pet Semetary is an unusual tie in to the film, it does provide players with some moderate time wasting gameplay. But even then, the game isn’t all that exciting due to its repetitive nature and basic game premise. So unless you’re a real diehard fan of the film, you might want to bury this game and pray it doesn’t come back anytime soon.


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