Wolfenstein RPG Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Wolfenstein RPG
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5 out of 5


  • The game’s controls work well and are very user friendly.
  • The game looks and sounds great and remains uniquely Wolfenstein while being updated.
  • The mix of RPG and RTS gameplay work together quite well.


  • The combat system might not meet the standards of hardcore FPS fans.


If you want the same thrills of Wolfenstein with a more calculated combat system, then Wolfenstein RPG is the right game for you.

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Wolfenstein RPG is a title that seems pretty self explanatory. The game is based on the well known first person shooter series Wolfenstein but employs the use of RPG elements, such as turn based combat and earning experience points. And before you cringe at the sound of the mix of genres, they actually work quite well together.

The majority of the game functions the same as a regular FPS game, moving using the D-pad and collecting items by tapping on the screen. But the combat is turn based and after each of your shots, the enemy will take theirs. This means you’ll have to plan your attack strategy in order to take out multiple or stronger foes. You’ll also earn XP in order to level up and get stronger.

The game’s presentation immediately stands out as the game mixes 3D environments with 2D character models. The sound is immersive and players are free to use their iPod during gameplay, if they want a custom soldier killing soundtrack. The game has one main game mode and two mini-game modes; and players can continue their game if they exit the application.

Wolfenstein RPG is a title that may sound a bit ‘iffy’ but it’s a well developed game and very user friendly. By taking the working controls of a FPS and mixing them with the strategy elements and turn based combat of a RPG, Electronic Arts has succeeded in making a solid and thoroughly entertaining game that fans of either genre will enjoy.


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