Roswell Fighter Review

By , on December 8, 2009

Roswell Fighter
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4 out of 5


  • The game has a great retro 50s style and art direction.
  • Players have the option to play using touch or tilt controls.
  • Great throwback to arcade style, vertical shooter games.


  • There are only 10 levels to play through - 9 and a bonus level.
  • There is only one retro game song to listen to with no options to use your iPod during gameplay.
  • If players exit the application mid-level, they must start a new game – No continue options.


If you grew up spending hard earned dollars on arcade games like Galaga, then you’ll want to give Roswell Fighter a look at.

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Roswell Fighter is an arcade style, top down shooter where you play as a sexy female fighter pilot in the 1950s as you defend earth from an alien invasion. You’ll progress through each game level collecting explosive power-ups, dodging incoming projectiles and bringing down a myriad of alien mother-ships and other UFOs.

By dragging your finger around the iPhone screen, you’ll guide your plane around the level safely but players can change the controls to a tilt based scheme via the options menu. Your main weapon will fire automatically but you’ll also need to shake the iPhone to launch collected bombs and tap the screen to use charged attacks in order to cause some real damage.

The 2D visual presentation is reminiscent of the old Galaga style arcade games and is surprisingly detailed. The 50s soundtrack is a lot of fun but is sadly limited to only one song; and players are unable to use their iPod during gameplay. The game itself has only 10 levels to play through but each level has three difficulties to choose from, each with personal best style highscore options.

If you enjoyed games like SkySmash 1918 then Roswell Fighter is a great addition to your iPhone collection. The game is a blast to play and despite having 10 levels to play through, the multiple difficulty options give the game a lot of replay value and room for personal improvement. So if you’re a fan of Galaga style arcade shooters, then Roswell Fighters is one that will give your propeller a spin.


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