GAMEBOX 1 Review

By , on December 9, 2009

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2 out of 5


  • 14 games to play through for a low price.
  • Each game’s controls are easy to use and pretty foolproof.


  • Each of the games are rip offs of other higher quality/popular iPhone games.
  • The games included in this application have been stripped of any extra content they might have had as a solo release - such as leaderboards or multiplayer options.
  • Around 12 of the 14 games have lacking sound options and there are no iPod options whatsoever.


ALL-IN-1 GAMEBOX isn’t worth buying for a few reasons but mainly because of the subtraction of each game’s different bells and whistles: like multiplayer, leaderboards, iPod access and so forth.

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ALL-IN-1 GAMEBOX is a collective application of around 14 games from developer Triniti Interactive. Once players buy the GAMEBOX collection, they are free to play each of the included games at their leisure.

Each game will have a different control scheme and players will be given instructions before each game so there are no hidden surprises here. The games differ in genre and game style but unfortunately most of them are rip offs of other popular games; Ancient War is Cartoon Wars, 321 Jump is Doodle Jump. Etc.

On a whole, the game’s visuals are quite well done but certainly not the highest quality out there. Game sounds tend to be quite restricted as only a few games actually have music tracks instead of just sound effects; and players cannot use their iPod at all. The GAMEBOX is also let down by its limited game modes. Any online leaderboards or multiplayer modes that these titles may have had have been taken away, leaving them feeling like shallow single player games.

The ALL-IN-1 GAMEBOX is a decent package if you’re a fan of Triniti Interactive games. The low game price for 14 games is certainly a big draw but the games themselves aren’t all that great and players don’t have as many options as they might have had if they bought each game individually. It’s unfortunate to say but ALL-IN-1 GAMEBOX seems like a company show-reel than a new and noteworthy compilation release and tends to suffers because of it.


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