Amazed 3D Review

By , on December 10, 2009

Amazed 3D
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3 out of 5


  • Game collects players statistics.
  • No obstacles or holes get it the way like most common labyrinth based games.
  • Player is able to suspend and resume game.


  • No music or sound effects.


Amazed is a great puzzle game which is challenging but not so difficult that you will get frustrated and is excellent value for money.

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Looking to give your mind a bit of a workout? Then let your mind begin running and get lost in the labyrinth that is Amazed. Players must race against the clock and navigate the ball through the maze in the shortest time possible. Points are calculated based on how long it takes for you to finish the level. There is a quota you must earn to progress to the next level.

The controls for this game are simple but take some practice as tilting the phone with precision to land the ball in the hole is the key to mastering this game. The game offers the player 33 different levels to test their skills then calculates and displays a player's statistics on a per level and overall performance basis along with the number of trophies the player has earnt. The game also offers the player to be able to suspend and resume their game with progress being automatically saved upon each level completion.

The visuals for this game are very clean and simple and both the physics engine and frame rates are quite good which deliver smoother game play. Currently the game has no music or sound effects but the player has the ability to play their own music from the iTunes library in the background.

Amazed is a good game for anyone who likes to challenge their mind with puzzles whilst racing against the clock, and is suitable for players of any age group.


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