Flick Bowling 2 Review

By , on March 24, 2010

Flick Bowling 2
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3 out of 5


  • Pins react well to the physics.
  • Out-of-the-box multiplayer and instant game modes.
  • Single-player campaign revels in its madcap ideas.


  • Touching any time during your turn can lock you in, wasting an attempt.
  • Throws don't feel like they have weight to them.


While the set up for Flick Bowling 2 might be strange, it provides some entertainment for an otherwise standard bowling game and the improvement from their previous game is evident.

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If Doc Brown from Back To The Future had a crazy German half-brother, he'd be Baron Von Schtopwatch, the mad professor who hassles Jim and Jen at their local bowling alley. Stay with me on this one because it gets weirder. Your goal is to return to the modern day while challenging figures from history after Von Schtopwatch sends you back to ancient Egypt.

Storyline aside, Flick Bowling 2 by Freeverse is a strange beast to handle. The "true to life" physics as the developers put it make the game challenging to master. Like Flick Bowling, the player is positioned on the line then the power, curve and spin of your shot is determined by your swipe. Small variations can have unintended effects which can prove frustrating if it ruins a good run, but as always, practice makes perfect.

The game's 3D environments cleverly capture the time period and area you're in without being too cliched, but the washed out textures and stiff animations cheapen the atmosphere. Some of the exclamations feel weird, but in a game about bowling against Genghis Khan "weird" tends to be the status quo. Where the game really shines is in its competitive and quick-play modes which offer immediate and enjoyable competitive gaming.

In some ways, Flick Bowling 2 feels like a step back from its predecessor, but the improved physics and quirky charm win out in the end making this a a solid (if generic) bowling game for your iPhone or iPod Touch.


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