Aztec Quest Review

By , on December 22, 2009

Aztec Quest
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4 out of 5


  • 50 levels.
  • Features a full level editor.
  • Players can share and download maps with the online community.


  • Only one game mode.


Aztec Quest is an inventive and energetic 3D puzzle game which offers players a lot of choice and customisability and for its low price and is definitely worth a try.

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Aztec Quest is a 3D puzzle game that not only tests player's problem solving abilities in new and exciting ways but also pushes the barriers of creativeness to its limits by featuring a neat full level editor which allows players to customise and share their own maps online so other players can download and try them out.

The aim of the game is for players to construct a pathway using a given set of gadgets that will allow the ball to drop and roll from the totem pole to the diamond without stopping. The controls might seem a bit daunting when you first play the game, however they are quite easy to master and have been conveniently placed along the border of the screen allowing for better gameplay.

The graphics are quite energetic and vibrant and in combination with the smooth 3D animation, gives the game a fun and playful feel. The game also features tribal music in the background which gradually intensifies as the game progresses and adds to the overall excitement and suspense.

Aztec Quest is highly recommended for those of you who loved the days of setting up their game of mousetrap as a kid or for anyone looking for a puzzle game that's both creative and challenging and offers great customisability and re-playability.


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