WordSearch Rush Review

By , on March 25, 2010

WordSearch Rush
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3 out of 5


  • Switching capitalization on or off for readability.
  • Large word lists for replayable grids.
  • Hints to guide new players.


  • Limited initial content unless you're a multi-linguist.


For a game that's been recreated many times already for the App Store, WordSearch Rush gives the gameplay a refreshing upgrade while making 'educational games' less of a dirty word.

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It's not surprising how many word-search games are on the App Store thanks to it being a fairly well known and easy to implement puzzle for a touch device. However plenty of them suffer from either having huge grids that are a pain to read or lack any real fun game element. WordSearch Rush by We Are Colin tries to solve both of these problems while remaining true to the puzzle's more educational purposes.

WordSearch uses 7x7 (and the occasional 8x8) to keep things easy to read without zooming and highlighters to make overlapping words easier to find. Each grid covers a particular theme and consists of enough words to prevent each generated puzzle from becoming too repetitive. Bonuses are scored for highlighting words in reverse or one after another quickly, but for those who are struggling you reveal one of the words by tapping one of your three available hint buttons.

The game's graphics are school-themed with notebooks, pens and so on used as backgrounds and interface items. There are six additional word packs available for purchase including support for foreign languages and a low difficulty pack for youngsters still in grade school.

Logophile's will get a huge kick out of the downloadable packs, but for most casual players the nostalgia wears off after finishing the initial content. WordSearch Rush is fun while it lasts especially if you're after somethign a bit more educational instead of another plain arcade game.


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