Ski Champ Review

By , on December 30, 2009

Ski Champ
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3 out of 5


  • Carefully drawn art is faithful to the original.
  • Huge nostalgia points.


  • Varies between excessively challenging to mundane, bring your own creativity.


It's great to play a game like Ski Champ as it's one of the many games that could be considered the earlier versions of what are called "casual" games now. As such, old school fans will get a kick out of this game and newer casual players can enjoy the more free-form aspects without hassle.

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Freestyle skiing, slalom and abominable snow monsters. These evoke powerful memories for some from a game that was either impossible or so much fun that you were able to restart the entire mountain as it wrapped around at the end. Ski Champ is an updated SkiFree for the App Store by Lazy Peon Games and gives the game a genuinely well earned retouching.

Cruising down the mountain slopes at high speeds is a snap as players control their skier by sliding their finger across the bottom of the screen to sway back and forth in the snow. Jumps can also be made that can be turned into a series of trick-combos, but multiple presses can cause your skier to fly off screen making it hard to control for a small period.

Those familiar with SkiFree will appreciate the immense overhaul on the graphics made in Ski Champ. The artwork is still fairly simplistic, but no longer resembles the rudimentary art of the original. The music isn't much to listen to being short and repetitive, so you'll want to make use of the iTunes background music support while making high score runs.

Ski Champ is definitely a game that requires a bit of nostalgia to truly enjoy. The slalom will make all but the most dedicated of players frustrated as you constantly smack into obstacles and the freestyle is more like a zen exercise than a true point scoring challenge. It's a great casual game, but old school fans will get the most out of a game like this.


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