By , on September 16, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • On-rails action shooter with that minty-fresh Arcade feel.
  • Frantic gameplay style that rewards multiple playthroughs.
  • Two easy to use control options.


Touch-to-shoot still feels a bit ham-fisted.


Time Crisis 2nd Strike fixes all but the basic problem of aiming from the first title, making this a great action-shooter experience for iDevice gamers to enjoy.

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Terrorists and evil-doers around the world are at large, planning their secret evil plans to do evil things, but thankfully the world has Giorgio Bruno on its side and his one-man cavalcade of destruction will put all the wrongs right again. This is Time Crisis 2nd Strike.

The first game from Namco Networks hit the App Store over a year ago and while it wasn't the prettiest of games it still managed to work well for iDevices at the time. Since then the game has undergone a few superficial changes, opting to restore more of the interface from the arcade versions and improving the visuals drastically, although no iOS4 specific visual effects seem to have been included. Those familiar with this on-rails shooter will recognize the extremely fast-paced gameplay that forces you to take risks despite providing a 'cover' system and it'll take multiple play-throughs to master this shooter.

There are two control options to choose from and players can either use a touch-based system to pop in and out of cover to reload or a tilt system to flick and reload before moving on. Unfortunately despite many small improvements the basic problem of accuracy still plagues Time Crisis as distant enemies become extremely hard to hit and tapping the screen temporarily covers areas where a deadly bullet may be coming from.

For those who loved the original, Time Crisis 2nd Strike is a much needed improvement and easy to recommend, but for action fans after something new a bit more caution is advised.


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