Major Warhead Review

By , on December 20, 2009

Major Warhead
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2 out of 5


  • Players can continue their games if they exit the application.
  • The game has iPod access.
  • The game’s sound effects and trooper yells are humorous.


  • There are no highscore options, and while there are achievements, you cannot review them or check what they are.
  • The gameplay is incredibly repetitive and lacklustre.
  • There is only one main game mode.


Major Warhead is let down by its dull gameplay, lack of difficulty and non existent highscores leaving it unworthy of your time or money.

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Major Warhead is a top down defence shooter where players must defend their desert base against attacking troopers. At their disposal is an Apache attack chopper and two large gun turrets. Players must use all three effectively and survive the incoming 100 waves of enemy troops and vehicles.

Players control the Apache by dragging it around the battlefield and it will automatically fire on units in its range. The turrets however, require you to tap on an area on the screen you wish to fire upon. You will earn cash by killing soldiers and this can be used to repair your base by double tapping on a damaged building.

The visuals are average and certainly not noteworthy, much like the game’s poor quality audio. However, players have the option to use their iPod during gameplay to spice things up. The game only has one main mode and while there are achievements to unlock, the unlockable conditions are not explained and they cannot be viewed again.

Major Warhead has a decent concept but the execution severely lets it down. There are very few reasons to play this game as there are no highscore options available or leaderboards to challenge or engage players. The game can be continued from the current level if you die, which just makes the game way too easy. Until some major updates are done, this is a game to be very weary of.


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