Flick Champions World Edition Review

By , on August 14, 2012

Flick Champions Summer Sports
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3 out of 5


  • Expands the Flick Champions game, giving it an Olympics flavor.
  • Your successes add to your country's total medal tally.


  • Most games are far too simple and suffer from annoying controls or design.
  • No multiplayer.


If you enjoyed the previous Flick game, this is the same offering but with Olympics sports instead of more well known fare. Many of the same game and control issues plague this title as well.

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National pride is at an all time high with the Olympics on, and Nawia Games is using their Flick franchise to cash in on this four year occurrence with Flick Champions World Edition. Instead of popular televised sports, now you're competing in Olympic events, and all the medals you earn work towards helping your nation to dominate the Flick leaderboards.

The events this time around are running & hurdles, beach volleyball, swimming, kyacks, handball, hammer throw, javelin, and synchronized swimming. To play any event is always a simplistic affair either tapping on the screen, dragging your finger around or swiping. Those that played the previous Flick Champions will notice that some of the mechanics of that game have been shared, as soccer in that game works exactly the same as handball does in this one. The most enjoyable event in our time with the game was the hammer throw, where you get to spin your athlete round and round before letting go with your finger and watching the ball power through the air before landing. Each event is played against a computer controlled opponent, which is somewhat a shame as the ability to play against your friends either locally or online would have been a great asset to the title.

One good aspect to see is that unlike the last game, none of the events are locked from you at the outset of playing. There are a number of items that can be purchased with tokens to change the way the games work, but this is layered on top this time around instead of being forced into the design, and it's definitely a step in the right direction.

While the medal tally towards your country idea is pretty neat idea, Flick Champions World Edition is just too simplistic and uninteresting to entertain a player for very long. Some may be enticed by the items for sale, and on leveling up, but we have a feeling most will give all the games a few plays, maybe score a medal for their country and then perhaps go back to watching the Olympics themselves.


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