Wheeler's Treasure Review

By , on December 12, 2009

Wheeler's Treasure
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5 out of 5


  • Simple controls with advanced skill mastery.
  • Lots of unlockables.
  • Beautiful art style.
  • Uses the OpenFeint system.


  • Combat is clunky and random in its success.
  • Tutorial doesn't match the gameplay.


While it may not always be the smoothest ride, Wheeler's Treasure promises to be the kind of game you can easily jump back in to and enjoy over and over.

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Wheeler's Treasure: Tasty Voodoo Entree by Two Lives Left is easily one of the more inspirational games available right now on the App Store. Rivaling what any other hand held has to offer, it's a unique game with an irresistibly charming art style and an addictive set of gameplay challenges that will draw you in.

This is no simple virtual analogue or cluttered interface affair, it's all about how well you can arc your jumps with simple swipes. Advanced techniques will have you combining swipes with taps to aim stomps on enemy heads or to sail majestically overhead as you hang onto your traveling wheel. The controls, while varied are simple to learn but hard to master and even after extended play can still feel slightly awkward.

Wheeler's Treasure uses a rustic nautical feel to all the artwork used, with a cartoonish style that's rich and dark while not being afraid to remain colorful. For fans of the Monkey Island adventure games it's easily comparable to their latest works. The music is catchy but iTunes can be used to supplement your longer adventure runs.

For a game where the sole aim is to acquire treasure while traveling as far as possible with your giant wheel as inspired by Pirates of the Carribean it's amazing how much fun and variation there is to enjoy. From obtaining upgrades to breaking previous records you'll be kept busy for hours. A must buy for anyone after a great action or high scoring game around.


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