Train Conductor Review

By , on January 15, 2010

Train Conductor
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4 out of 5


  • Even if you fail a level, you still earn experience to unlock new stages.
  • The game is very easy to control and play.
  • Global leaderboard access via Plus+.


  • Only eight game levels to play through.
  • There isn’t much else to do after you complete the game.
  • The timer in each level is quite restrictive to players.


Train Conductor is a great, local addition to the traffic management genre and has the potential to be a terrific game; if some future updates are ever released.

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Before cars and planes, but after walking, trains were a widely accepted and common means of transport and delivery. But in order for the trains to run smoothly, you need one hell of a conductor to co-ordinate the tracks. Are you up to the challenge?

Players are presented with a series of railway tracks and must divert numbered trains to their correct destination by dragging a path on the screen. Players will need to constantly juggle the increasing amount of trains to avoid collisions and ending the game. However, during the graveyard shift mode, players must link as many ghost trains to the appropriate tracks as fast as possible without fear of collisions.

The game’s 3D visual presentation is great and showcases a lot of variety in each of the Australian locales. The game’s soundtrack is very enjoyable but players can access their iPod by turning the game sound off. There are only two game modes to play through which is a little disappointing but players can submit any highscores to the global leaderboards via Plus+.

Train Conductor is an enjoyable title that fans of other traffic management games will love. It’s difficult enough to challenge players but easy enough to pick up and play at anytime. Also the game doesn’t punish failure; instead it encourages improvement through the balanced experience system. While the game is limited in it’s content and replayability, it’s still a solid play and well worth a look at.


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