Fish Heroes Review

By , on June 21, 2012

Fish Heroes
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4 out of 5


  • Fine-tuned controls; full stage rotation and visual indicators make precision easy.
  • Mix of physical properties on each Shark; adds to the puzzle complexity.
  • Boom Blox inspired bright visual design.


  • Random difficulty spikes; even tutorial levels can be challenging as far as 3-stars are concerned.
  • Uninspired weapon variations despite the extra dimension.


While not deviating too far from the beaten track, Fish Heroes provides a challenging puzzle variation on the physics-flinging gameplay we all know so well.

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In Fish Heroes, the fish of the world are being captured and canned en masse by the shark Mafia and it's up to a crack team of heroes to literally topple their organization. What? Did you expect anything more rational from a game modeled from the likes of Angry Birds?

The physics-based flinger has been once again thrown in to the third dimension, though unlike the recent Catapult King, players are given far more control over the direction and angle of their shot as the entire level can be rotated and elevated. Hitting your target couldn't be easier, especially when you're given an indicator as to where your shot is going to land, so the real challenge isn't in the precision, but rather the puzzle aspect.

Genre veterans won't find themselves too surprised at the variety of 'ammunition' on offer, from puffing-up, to splitting, to plain-old giant and destructive, it's the kind of stuff you've long mastered by now. So, in lieu of this the game presents some rather taxing structure configurations; while luck can be a factor, if you have a keen eye (or experiment enough) you'll be able to find the linchpin that will knock over all of the Mafioso in one-fell-swoop.

In many ways, the game has a distinct 'Boom Blox' feel to it, rather than the aforementioned Angry Birds; while destruction can be rewarding, the real satisfaction comes from having worked out how to best complete the level at hand. Progression can seem slow at first, but once you have a few new fish to play with you'll be hooked.

With its focus on puzzling and not on luck, Fish Heroes proves to be just as engrossing, if not as long-lasting as similar genre staples. Toppling the shark Mafia is a lot of fun, and their annoying chuckles are reason enough to blast them in to oblivion.


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