muBlip Review

By , on March 26, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Varied and challenging rhythms in each track.
  • Clean visual style.
  • Alternate traditional Simon-says mode.


  • This is no Snickers, it doesn't fully satisfy.


While the music may not be to everyone's taste, muBlip is a modern and refreshing take on rhythm games that combines Ouendan-style gameplay with Simon-says watch and repeat mechanics perfectly.

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I'm not sure if I've somehow been co-opted in to an educational game while playing muBlip by para9. On the face of it the game is an Ouendan-style rhythm game with fresh electronic chiptune beats, but to mix things up the game uses a Simon-says watch and repeat set up to add an amazing new kind of challenge to the genre.

Each track is broken up in to phrases where the player watches the computer play the beat using on screen patterns and then must repeat the phrase as accurately as possible. Some patterns are simple enough and only require taps, but more complicated objects involve sliding to the beat. muBlip isn't coy about throwing complex beats at the player which is a refreshing change from games that just throw more beats as a challenge.

The shapes used are simple and after a quick tutorial you'll have no trouble identifying each beat for each track. There are ten tracks in total if you don't include the tutorial and if you're a rhythm fan you'll make short work of the content in no time. Worryingly there's no in game store, so it's uncertain if more tracks will be released in the future, but the 'hardcore' modes for each track add at least a bit of replay value to the package.

muBlip is possibly one of the best rhythm games out on the App Store right now, but without the promise of more content the value of this game is severely diminished. This is a must play for any rhythm fan, but once you're done you'll almost wish you could pay for more tracks.


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