Caligo Chaser Review

By , on March 16, 2010

Caligo Chaser
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3 out of 5


  • Streamlined Action RPG experience.
  • Excellent presentation.


  • Unresponsive controls.


If you can put up with the unresponsive controls, you will find a very well made Action RPG for your iphone.

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Caligo Chaser by Com2us is fairly standard action RPG fare. There are people in town who give you quests, areas to destory monsters by chaining attacks, and a customization system for skills and weapons. This is not old and boring however because this game has draped everything in visual flare and streamlined mechanics. After acing your exams, you become a private knight to pay off your school debt and work to keep the city of Emporion safe.

Control is handled via a virtual d-pad with an action button. This is the main failing of the game as the controls are not responsive at all, and even walking around town can be a chore. Upon receiving quests, you travel onto the huge overworld map and select your area where you fight until completion. The fighting mechanics are fun with a combo system allowing you to chain together attacks in a time frame to rack up more points.

Visually the game is very competent with beautifully drawn sprite art. The music is also a highlight with rocking tracks for the menus and battles, but some tracks are very short and the constant looping is annoying. Each level gives you points to level up your characters' attributes and more powerful items become available to you as the game progresses.

As an action RPG, Caligo Chaser is great. The chaining mechanic and guantlet make combat fun, and the game's presenation is top notch. It's just a shame about the unresponsive controls that cast a huge blemish on such an excellent product.


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