Hottie Hookups Review

By , on March 29, 2010

Hottie Hookups
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4 out of 5


  • Great new management mechanic.
  • Lots of quirky humor.
  • A tonne of levels to enjoy.


  • Rare issues in getting lines to match up.


If the delicious irony of helping hotties avoid nerds while playing a video game doesn't tickle you then at least be comforted that Hottie Hookup is yet another great management game for fans of the genre.

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Hottie Hookups is not the first App for the programmer and designer at BigStack Studios who is well known for the Sally Salon and Spa series of management games. If you're a fan of the series then you'll already be familiar with the kind of quality that has gone in to Hottie Hookups... and yes, it's a management game too.

As you travel from location to location around the world, your job is to successfully partner up the 'hotties' and send them off before the 'nerds' rain on their parade. As with the Sally series it's a simple idea that slowly becomes a true challenge to keep on top of. Partners are matched by drawing lines between them while nerds are flicked, rolled, shaken or tapped off the dance floor. Once the hotties have clicked you draw them a line to a matching transport and you're on your way to mega points.

The game's art is kept nice and simple with special effects filling the gaps. It's easy to identify partners and nerds, though the screen can quickly become overwhelming to watch as everyone boogie-woogie's constantly. Each location is given an appropriate set of background art and even vehicles for the location.

While this is a game about helping hotties, don't feel too sad for the nerds because if you're lucky you can pack them all up and send them to a convention where they're sure to get their own hookup. As with the Sally series there's tonnes to do and while some upgrades could add variety there's still plenty to enjoy.


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