I Dig It Expeditions Review

By , on December 17, 2009

I Dig It Expeditions
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4 out of 5


  • The game allows players to use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Players can continue current games if they exit the application.


  • The controls can be a little finicky – you might dig down by accident when you want to turn.
  • The game mechanics take a bit of getting used to - juggling fuel, heat and hull levels with digging.
  • The game can be quite difficult without some kind of planning or dig strategy.


If you’re a fan of other I Dig It titles, then there are some nice updates and changes to keep you entertained, if you’re new to the series you might want to try a lite version first.

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I Dig It Expeditions is the next release in the I Dig It series and not only offers players changes to the game format and displays but also to the game mode and story itself. Players must still uncover more hidden fossils, treasures and other goodies, without destroying their dig vehicle or running out of fuel.

Players drill into the earth by using the on screen joystick and like the original, players can drill in any direction but upwards. However, players will need to drill deep in order to discover items to get enough some cash together to buy some needed upgrades to your vehicle. The controls work well but are a bit too sensitive; you might find yourself drilling down when you try to stop or drill to the side.

The visuals look very sharp and feature some great details, such as the screen growing darker the deeper you dig. The sound is simple but thankfully players are able to use their iPod during gameplay. There is one main story mode but there are around 4 extra modes available for each level, such as a free mode, money and points challenges and the story expedition.

For fans of the series, I Dig It Expeditions is a welcomed addition but it might be a daunting to new players. The game is significantly challenging and requires a lot of your time if you want to get quite far in it; this isn’t a 30 second arcade game. Regardless, I Dig It Expeditions is still a strong, well developed game that strategy and puzzle fans will certainly ‘dig’.


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