Tetravex Review

By , on August 14, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • It’s a complex puzzle game with difficulties to suit any level player.
  • The game has a simple control scheme.


  • There are no gameplay instructions, unless you exit the app and go to the webpage guide.
  • No game sound at all.


Tetrevex is a decent enough title, but make sure to check the webpage to figure out how to play. Depending on your love of puzzle games, this game may not be worth the current price.

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Tetrevex is a puzzle game where players must place scattered tiles into a big puzzle board. Each piece has four coloured sides, and can only be placed next to pieces with the same coloured side. For example, if a piece has a blue right side, it can only be placed left of a piece with a blue left side. This must be done for all sides and becomes increasingly harder as the board sizes increase.

You place your pieces by clicking and dragging them up to a desired square on the board. From there you can move pieces around, remove them or add more in order to find the right combination in order to solve the puzzle. The controls are simple, but player have to place their finger directly over the desired board square to place a piece or it will not register.

The visuals are basic but fine. There is no game sound at all, but thankfully players can use their iPod during the game. This is a single player only game, but game times can be submitted to a global leaderboard system.

Tetrevex is a confusing title at times but still a challenging and engaging game. There are no instructions at all, leaving players confused until they figure it out after a few easy rounds. But once you know how to play, the fun puzzle gameplay will grab you and leave you with a decent pick up and play title.


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