Amp, Watts & Circuit Review

By , on September 24, 2012

Amp, Watts & Circuit
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3 out of 5


  • Controlling three characters to solve puzzles is a time tested boon to base a puzzle game around.


  • Lots of little annoyances; having to tap the character portraits, the isometric view obscuring information, character differences not distinctive enough.


A puzzle game that could be likened to The Lost Vikings in its mechanics, but suffers from interface and conceptual difficulties.

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Sometimes, even robots need a vacation. In Amp, Watts & Circuit, you control the titular characters trying to escape their jobs, in the hopes of some well deserved rest and recuperation.

Each level has you in a small isometric area full of buttons and traps, and a starting and finishing tile for each of the three characters. Tapping on the character's portrait will switch to them, and then tapping on the screen will move them in that direction, and if there's no spikes or pits on the way, they'll eventually make it (although if there's more than one available path, you'll want to specify what direction to move the robots in). They all have small differences, such as Amp being the fastest or Circuit's ability to plug itself into what I’ll call the cheese grater switches. Watts seems to be the middle one, as normally you'll be using him for switch duty, allowing the others safe passage.

Sometimes you find yourself tapping the screen before tapping the portraits, making the wrong character move, and often some of the tiles (such as the end tiles in level three) are obscured by the isometric perspective. The rest of the game is decent enough if you like slower paced, multi-step puzzles, but most people wont find the quirky characters and striking art design enough to push them through (although those that find themselves enjoying the ride will also have a level editor to keep them occupied).


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