Guardian Soul Review

By , on December 23, 2009

Guardian Soul
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4 out of 5


  • Lots of finely detailed sprites.
  • Auto-aimed attacks.


  • Fairly standard (simple) JRPG plot.
  • Magnifying glass may be required.
  • Button mashing also required.


The mark of a great Action RPG is the ability to continue doing the same thing over and over (even more so than a traditional RPG) while still enjoying the game. Guardian Soul manages to compete against the best RPGs the iPhone has to offer and it's well worth a play through.

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Guardian Soul by Nate Games is easily one of the strongest competitors against other Eastern RPGs on the iPhone and almost directly competes against leading games like Zenonia. Guardian Soul is an Eastern take on the Action RPG genre and adds "collecting" to the mix as you discover new "guardians" to transform in to and defeat your enemies.

In order to accommodate the normal interface and its virtual buttons the menus and game in general are scaled down immensely and will require some patience in order to learn and read the smaller text prompts. Battling is a breeze and any enemies in the area will be automatically targeted without turning around. Each guardian has a couple special attacks that are easily activated above the main attack, but it's also just as easy to accidentally drink potions when not needed.

Guardian soul uses a classic JRPG (Japanese RPG) sprite design for the whole game, but the extremely zoomed out play field doesn't showcase the art well. Dialogues do have the more traditional hand-drawn artwork. The special effects in the game are mostly rendered sprite work and the more complicated attacks are amazing to watch. As to be expected, the side-quests generally only pad out the gameplay time, but can usually be completed as you continue questing normally.

This is an easy game to recommend for RPG fans with hours of gameplay to complete. There's not a lot of replay value, but it's a solid take on the action RPG genre that casual players can still enjoy.


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