TOP GUN Review

By , on December 29, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Great soundtrack featuring a number of classic tracks from the film.
  • The in game graphics and visuals are very well done.


  • The control system is finicky; the game is still playable but it’s not as smooth as you’d expect.
  • The hand drawn cut-scenes look quite bad.
  • The constant throwbacks to the movies get a bit cheesy after a while. Eg. During first conversation to ‘Iceman’, “You’re dangerous!”


Top Gun offers players an enjoyable, if not at times cheesy, throwback to the 1986 film of the same name, thankfully without a sweaty, shirtless volleyball mini-game.

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Top Gun is an arcade style flight shooter taking place after the events of the 1986 fighter pilot feature film of the same name. You are a new recruit under training from Maverick and Iceman who are now teachers at the Top Gun Academy. You must go on various missions in order to rise up the ranks and complete your training.

Players control their plane by tilting the iPhone to move and tapping the fire buttons to attack enemy planes. You will also need to navigate and avoid enemy missiles and attacks by flying away from the ‘Danger Zone’ on-screen displays. The controls are simple enough but the tilt sensitivity may give you some issues when playing.

The in game visuals are very well done but the same cannot be said for the crude hand drawn cut-scenes. The soundtrack is fantastic, employing a number of tracks from the film itself, and although they’re covers, they’ll still send a tingle down your spine. The game features the one main story mode but players will spend ages trying to unlock all the game achievements.

Top Gun is, for the most part, a cash in on the film 23 years later but damned if it isn’t enjoyable. The control sensitivity may be your only major bother here but won’t detract from gameplay too much. Overall, the mix of fast paced gameplay, great soundtrack and at times, groanable throwbacks to the film make the game surprisingly fun to play through. And at the current price, is reasonable for a ride into the DANGER ZONE!


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