Onslaught from Space Review

By , on December 31, 2009

Onslaught from Space
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2 out of 5


  • The game features some cool, retro 3D visuals.
  • The gameplay is simple and accessible to younger players.


  • The game’s sound is underused and has the untapped potential for greatness.
  • The game doesn’t offer players leaderboard access.
  • The controls are awkward and players cannot invert the axis for a custom scheme.


Unless you’re desperately craving a flashback to the 80s video arcades, then Onslaught From Space sadly isn’t the best purchase available.

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While most iPhone games tend to get an edge on the competition by taking steps forward in regards to gameplay and presentation, Onslaught From Space takes steps backwards with its retro 80s arcade and early 3D console style presentation. Your goal is to survive waves of incoming enemies for as long as possible and various weapon power-ups will help you to do so.

Players must destroy all incoming spaceships and other objects by adjusting and tilting their iPod to aim and tapping the screen to fire. Although the controls are quite simple, they’ll certainly give you some grief as there are no inverse tilt options for players to create a scheme that works for them.

As mentioned before, the game features a retro visual style, employing the use of simple 3D wire-frame models. The sound is quite disappointing however as the game simply doesn’t capitalize on the potential for some great retro sound design. The game also limits players as there is no iPod access available. There is only one main game mode and while players are free to check progress on the local highscore board, there are no leaderboard options.

Onslaught From Space is a solid reminder of why some 80s arcade games just weren’t that good. They were a bit too simple, sometimes hard to control and often, not terribly exciting. It’s unfortunate that the 80s presentation wasn’t over the top and fully embraced like Squareball but if you enjoy old school style shooters then you may be able to forgive these issues.


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