By , on January 2, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Great looking 3D visuals - very sharp and clean.
  • Wallpaper purchasing option is a nice bonus for players that they can actually use out of game.
  • The controls work very well and are easy to use.


  • New players or those unfamiliar with MGS might not appreciate all the game has to offer.
  • The gameplay can get a bit repetitive after a while.
  • It’s an odd transition from the console versions - Master of espionage and stealth Snake to the single position, openly exposed Snake.


While the gameplay is a bit restrictive, fans of the series will enjoy what Metal Gear Solid Touch has on offer.

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Metal Gear Solid Touch gears up for big action without the hours of cut scenes players have come to expect from Hideo Kojima. Players take control of Old Snake as he must progress through the story of MGS4 in a number of small fire-fights. Snake must progress through each level by killing the designated number of enemies and avoiding as much damage as possible.

Snake is holed up in a small trench like structure and pops out to fire when players tap and hold on the iPhone screen. By dragging your finger around, you’ll position the aiming reticle and tap the screen to fire on a lined up enemy. Snake will also need to snipe long range enemies by pinching the screen to switch weapons.

The 3D visuals are very crisp and look great, featuring some slideshow style cut-scenes from MGS4 itself. The sound is well executed and epic but players are unable to use their iPod during the game. Players are offered one main game mode with a shop option to unlock various wallpapers that can be saved to your iPhone using the screen capture ability.

Metal Gear Solid Touch is a great play that fans of the series will certainly enjoy, but it does have some appeal issues. It’s no surprise that the game’s strength is the MGS fan base and the well established universe but if you’re not a fan, then this is just another sniper game. The graphics look great and the game plays well but this is one that fans might enjoy a lot more than new players.


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