By , on January 8, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Several game options.
  • Excellent graphics.
  • 3D cut scenes.


  • No internet multiplayer.


This latest adaptation of Battleship gives a fresh look to a classic game with a ton of new features that will excite and engage players and is a definite must have for anyone who was a fan of the board game.

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Electronic Arts has sunk their battleship into the appstore with their exciting animated adaptation of the classic board game. The main goal of the game is still the same, sink the enemy’s five battleships before they sink your fleet.

The controls are pretty much what you'd expect and fairly easy to use. Ships are placed on the grid by selecting and dragging them into position, and players can hunt their opponents ships by tapping squares on the opposite side of the grid. The game will continue to carry out until one player's fleet is destroyed. There's a good variety of games for the player to try as well including classic, salvo and superweapons (which is deliciously as awesome as it sounds!). Multiplayer mode is also available via wifi, bluetooth and “pass and play” but sadly not via internet as of yet, which is a little disappointing.

As you would imagine, the game has a very navel military feel to it.  Although the graphics for the game grid have been left looking rather simple, numerous 3D cut scenes have been added to give the game a more realistic effect. But for those who are in a rush, there is also an an option to conveniently turn the cut scenes off which shortens the game's duration.

In the end Battleship might not be a game for everyone. But for those who loved the classic board game this adaptation to iPhone is a real treat and for its entertainment value alone, is definitely worth the download.


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