Monster Crush - Demolition Review

By , on April 9, 2010

Monster Crush - Demolition
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed environmental physics simulation.
  • Trial and error gameplay for fun or strategy.
  • Lots of re-playability.


  • Tutorial needs to cover more advanced gameplay aspects.


Monster Crush taxes your brain and then rewards it with destructive explosions and squishy aliens that will keep you resetting levels time and again just for fun.

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We've all seen physics simulators used in a slew of games, but few have gone quite so far as Monster Crush by 628 Games. Demolishing buildings and crushing enemies might make this sound like another game like Angry Birds, but for the first time buildings and material are given an almost complete set of destructible properties that you'll need to take full advantage of.

As the title suggests the main aim of the game is to crush the bad guys, in this case a race of aliens. To pull this off you're given almost full use of your environment to place timed charges, crushing them beneath tonnes of glass, concrete and metal (or even the occasional giant-ball-of-death). Bombs come in two flavors, either explosive or 'cutting' and on some levels you're able to construct girders to change the properties of your environment. Zooming provides precision placement of the bombs and is even available in two zoom levels for those with less agile fingers.

The graphics are kept simple, likely to assist the processing of the complex physics, and gives the game a retro 16-bit feel. The environments do change as you progress to new locations around the world, but not enough to keep things stimulating.

The real magic of Monster Crush is in its ability to be one part strategic puzzle with an equal part of fun physics toy. Replaying levels for new solutions or better outcomes quickly becomes dangerously addictive. With so much to do and enjoy, this is a must try game.


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