Battle Trivia - sports quiz matchup Review

By , on January 11, 2010

Battle Trivia - sports quiz matchup
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3 out of 5


  • Intelligent Question Tracking.
  • Able to remove categories and customise gameplay.
  • Up to date questions.


  • No ability to restart.
  • No sound.


With customisable categories, gameplay and an up to date database of over 1200 questions, Battle Trivia is the perfect arena for players to go head to head in battle to see who is the greater sports fan.

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Battle Trivia is a sports based trivia game which promises to dominate its competitors by offering over 1,200 questions across 11 different categories that are 100% current as of December 2009, making it the most up to date sports trivia game in the appstore.

The controls like any other trivia based game, requiring players to tap on the screen to select answers. The game is designed for head to head “battle” so two players are required to start a game. There are 25 multiple choice questions per battle and the player that answers the most correctly wins. The game at the end will also keep a record of your stats so you can see how well you’ve done in each category and against specific players.

An interesting feature of the game is that players have the ability to remove categories which means you can opt to not be tested on things that may not be your strong point. Players also have the ability to customise the game play and timer settings.

Although the graphics aren't overly impressive, this doesn't really matter much given that it's a trivia game. The interface is laid out well and is easy to read. There are currently no sound effects for this game, however players can play their iTunes library in the background.

Battle Trivia is the ideal game for anyone looking to combine their love for sports and competition together in a game that is fully customisable to suit your style of play. However if sports aren't really your thing, then this game probably isn't for you.


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