Parcel Panic - Post Car Racer 3D Review

By , on January 12, 2010

Parcel Panic - Post Car Racer 3D
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3 out of 5


  • Nice looking 3D environments.
  • Three new unlockable trucks to reward players.


  • The controls are a bit over sensitive at the best of times.
  • The gameplay is quite mundane and repetitive.
  • There are no leaderboards to rank or track progress.


It’s not often that a game can make crate delivery fun and exciting, and this is not one of those times. Parcel Panic remains to be a calm, relaxed ride that just isn’t worth the current price.

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Remember the Sega Dreamcast and its 2 year stint in the marketplace? If you do, then you’ll probably remember Crazy Taxi, the fast paced and eclectic taxi/racing game where players had to drive passengers around the city as fast as possible. Well now it’s time for a bit of a sea change in Parcel Panic. Yes instead of fares, players must drive around a small island town, picking up and delivering crates.

Players drive their small truck by using the on screen gas and brake pedals to control speed and tilt the iPhone to steer, but the steering can be a bit over sensitive and might frustrate you at times. You start and complete each delivery by driving through the green markers and must try to find different short cuts along the way to keep adding time to the countdown.

The game’s 3D visuals are solid and the environment is quite well designed. The sound is good and adds a bit of excitement to the game but players are unable to use their iPod during gameplay. There’s one main game mode to play through with no leaderboard options and while there’s a free play option, there isn’t enough here to see or do to make this worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this uncertainty in gameplay is rampant throughout the game as Parcel Panic just doesn’t excite or engage players. The return to the quick delivery genre is due for another shot but those high octane moments just aren’t available in a small island town. In short, Parcel Panic sets up players for some high speed thrills but just doesn’t deliver.


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