Hook Champ Review

By , on January 13, 2010

Hook Champ - GameClub
  • Publisher: GameClub
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 16 Oct, 2009
  • Size: 47.1 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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5 out of 5


  • Online leaderboard access via OpenFeint.
  • The game rewards players with unlockables and an upgrade store.
  • The game’s visuals and sound work great together.


  • The controls take a bit of getting used to.
  • The game is very fast paced and might deter some players.


Hook Champ is a fast paced and frantic action game with tons of charm, personality and value for money.

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Hook Champ is one of the latest rope swinging action games to hit the marketplace but this time, you're swinging through dark deep caves in search of lost treasure. You play as Jake T. Hooker, a modern day Indiana Jones as he goes deep into cursed tombs and catacombs in order to retrieve idols and escape as fast as possible.

Players run along each level by tapping and holding their finger on the lower half of the screen and they launch their grappling hook by doing the same on the top half. Much like Rope’N’Fly, swinging through each level and chaining jumps together is a necessity as ghosts and other nasties will chase after you in more difficult levels.

The pixelated visuals are reminiscent of old school arcade games and is further complimented by the game’s MIDI style music. Players are also free to use their iPod during gameplay if they choose to. There is currently only one game mode to play through but players are free to replay levels for more gold or faster times and submit any highscores to the global leaderboards.

Hook Champ is an enjoyable experience that fans of Rope’N’Fly will love. There’s enough content and variety in the gameplay itself to keep things interesting and the retro presentation is a lot of fun. There is a minor learning curve with the control scheme as you need to learn how to effectively swing and move but this is an easily passable obstacle. Overall the game is a satisfying causal play that will sink its hooks into you and have you returning for more.


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