PAC-MAN Championship Edition Review

By , on January 19, 2010

PAC-MAN Championship Edition
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3 out of 5


  • New game modes, mazes and puzzles.
  • Various control schemes.
  • Exciting new graphics and soundtrack.


  • Expansion pack required to be purchased in order to receive the full game.
  • Control's become difficult once speed is increased.
  • No global leader boards.


Pacman Championship Edition offers players the same classic core gameplay with several new exciting features, however the initial purchase lacks a lot of game content and  will leave players feeling annoyed that they have to fork out extra cash in order to receive the complete game.

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Based on the popular Xbox Live Arcade Game, this latest Pacman port to iphone still offers the same classic core gameplay of the original, but has been revamped with new modes, mazes, puzzles and enhanced graphics.

The game offers a mixed variety of controls which is a big plus. As with all Pacman games precision moment and timing is the key to winning. Players can choose to use the D-Pad, directional buttons or finger/thumb swipe control schemes. Unfortunately there is currently no tilt control scheme, which would have been good to use as some of the buttons in the other control schemes take up a lot of space on the screen and make the game difficult to see at times.

Another big let down with Pacman: CE is the absence of global leader boards as well as players needing to purchase the expansion pack in order to receive the full game. The core edition itself only includes only 5 of the 15 Championship mazes, 20 of the 120 Mission mazes and none of the Challenge mazes, which might leave players feeling a little ripped off.

The graphics and sound for the game are rather pleasant and keep in style with the original classic, but have been enhanced to give a more electric futuristic feel to the game.

Overall Pacman: CE is still a fairly descent port to iPhone which provides a fun and enjoyable challenge for both novices and hardcore fans of the series alike. But with so much of content missing from the core package, players can't help but feel a little cut short with this release.


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