Mr.Space!! Review

By , on January 20, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Simple gameplay.
  • Good difficulty curve.


  • Short on content.
  • Visuals get bland quickly.


Simple, easy to learn, fun to play. The defintion of a good time waster game. Might be worth seeing if there is space in your iphone collection for this.

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Ever just feel cramped? In those situations, you need your space, and who better to give it to you, than Mr. Space!! In this simple high score game, you have seconds to control Mr. Space to safety before the roof comes crashing down and squishes everything not saved by the little nooks that you should hopefully be hiding in.

Controlling Mr. Space is simple as there is a right arrow and a left arrow. Pressing it once will move Mr. Space over one space, so when a level starts, you only have a short amount of time to make a quick judgement of where to move him. Four alternate control placements are available, even including a swipe to move option.

Mr Space is a simple stick figure but the visuals aren't exactly that rudimentary. Mr. Space's contortions when he squeezes into small nooks are amusing, and the levels and backgrounds are visually interesting. The music track keeps the adrenaline going but might not be to everyone's taste, so it's a good thing there's ipod support. The main mode is all there is with the ability to submit scores to online leaderboards.

Mr. Space!! may seem easy at first but the diffculty starts ramping up around level 25. Soon you'll be making split second judgements and hitting that replay button to try and top your last highscore. A time waster worth checking out.


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