Blades of Fury Review

By , on September 9, 2009

Blades of Fury
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 8 Sep, 2009
  • Size: 122.1 MB
  • Price: $4.99
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5 out of 5


  • Easy to use and working controls; which is a necessity for a fighting game!
  • The 3D visuals look fantastic.
  • A lot of unlockable content and achievements to keep players interested.


  • The moderate game price may deter some players.
  • Limited iPod options and some terrible voice acting let down the game’s sound.


If you love fighting games, especially Soul Calibur, then Blades of Fury is a must own game for the iPhone.

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Blades of Fury is a fast paced 3D fighting game for the iPhone. Players choose a character and square off against a variety of deadly opponents in different areas. As with all fighting games, you must defeat your opponents using different attack combinations to see who the stronger fighter is.

You can control your fighter by way of two control schemes. One uses a button interface to attack and block, while the other uses a touch sensitive scheme where players flick the screen to attack. However, this scheme is a bit harder to use, so your best bet is to go with the button interface scheme.

The visuals look great and can easily compete with those of other handheld consoles. The sound is good, but some of the voice acting is painful to listen to. Also, the custom playlist options for the game won’t work if you don’t have the iPhone OS 3.0 or higher. There are four game modes to choose from, including arcade, story, survival and multi-player, so you’ll always have someone to fight.

Blades of Fury is a game that appeals to fans of fighting games. And while the game is an obvious clone of Soul Calibur, it’s still one of the best fighting games available for the iPhone. The gameplay is fluid, the controls work well and there is a diversity of different game modes to play through. The few sound related issues let it down slightly but overall, this is still one of those must have iPhone games.


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