Labyrinth 2 Review

By , on January 10, 2010

Labyrinth 2
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5 out of 5


  • Players can create and post their own created levels for everyone to play and rate.
  • Single player and Bluetooth/Wi-fi multiplayer modes are available.
  • The controls are very easy to use and very user friendly.


  • The game’s sound is a bit underused and mundane.
  • There aren’t any official online leaderboards to submit level times to.


Labyrinth 2 is a truly enjoyable play that will challenge any level player, and offers endless user content possibilities to make sure you never run out of things to do. 

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all in ball bearing maze games, along comes Labyrinth 2 to smack you upside the head. The sequel to the popular physics based puzzle game is here but with the addition of new features and improvements, players are treated to some unexpected surprises.

The core gameplay is the same; players must move and rotate their iPhone around to move a small metal ball around a maze and to the designated target as quick as possible. However cannons, fans, magnets, levers, doors and other objects have been added to the mix to make things even trickier.

Visually the game is very smooth and features a lot of detail; as well as some great 3D rendering. The game sound is a little underused but players are free to use their iPod as an alternative. As far as game content goes however, this is where Labyrinth 2 really shines! Along with the single and multiplayer modes, players are free to create their own levels and post them online for others to download, play and rate. These services are free and mean that there is no shortage of levels to play through.

Overall, if you’re one who enjoys reflex/puzzle or ball bearing physics games then Labyrinth 2 is a must buy game. The core gameplay is simple but challenging and the level creation content is a great addition that will cater to just about every player’s taste. And while the game might have a moderate price, there’s no doubt that you’ll get your money's worth here.


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