Bloons TD Review

By , on October 4, 2009

Bloons TD
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5 out of 5


  • Same fun tower defence gameplay as online flash version.
  • New levels for players to play through.
  • IPod access during gameplay.


  • No online leaderboard options.
  • The tower buttons are a bit too close to each other and mistakes can be made; especially for players with larger fingers.


While there aren’t too many new additions to the game, if you love the idea of playing Bloons Tower Defence on your iPhone, then you will not regret purchasing this.

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Bloons Tower Defence is a port of the popular online flash game for the iPhone. The gameplay is the same as the online version in that you must place monkeys around a level in order to pop the incoming balloons. Players need to upgrade their towers and place additional monkeys around the map to successfully defend against the ever increasing number of balloons.

Tower placement is simple; players tap on the tower of their choice and drag it onto a free spot on the map. You can also upgrade or sell towers by tapping on them and making the appropriate choice. The controls are simple enough but players will sometimes place the wrong tower due to the closeness of each tower build button.

Both visuals and sound remain the same as the online flash version, which is forgivable as they add to the charm of the game. Players are free to use their iPod during gameplay with no loss of sound effects. The game is single player only and features one main game mode but there are no online leaderboard options currently available.

Bloons Tower Defence is one of the most well known online tower defence games and is now currently available for the iPhone. The gameplay is just as you remember it, with the addition of a few more levels. And while there are no current leaderboard options, hopefully this will be addressed with an update in the future. If you are a fan of tower defence games then you will have no doubt played this title and would love adding it to your collection.


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