Drag Tag Smash Review

By , on March 16, 2011

Drag Tag Smash
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3 out of 5


  • Unique Breakout-like style.
  • Great electronic background music; synchs with gameplay.
  • Pushes a lot of mental buttons; flashy visuals, large numbers, etc.


  • Counter-intuitive controls; ball tethered to paddle, but still subject to its own unique physics.
  • Lacks gameplay depth; minute one remains much the same as the next.


While not entirely satisfying, Drag Tag Smash still manages to effectively push all the right buttons to make your brain dribble with glee as you destroy endless streams of electronic foes.

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Incorporating some sort of interaction between your gameplay and the music that sits in the background is an effective, if somewhat complicated way to engage players in what's happening in the game. Drag Tag Smash by SmashMouth Games combines interactive audio with a strange twist on the Breakout formula, but its ridiculous point scoring and driving beats aren't always enough to keep you coming back for more.

The game's name isn't simply for show and players will need to drag their paddle back and forth so their ball can tag enemies who are subsequently smashed in time with the beat, eliminating them from the game. However unlike traditional Breakout titles, the ball you launch is tethered to your paddle like a ball on an elastic string and dragging the paddle around can influence the ball's expected pathing, though this is at best a fairly loose control system as ricochets can be difficult (if not impossible) to predict with any level of certainty. Your best bet is to get the ball above the pack of enemies, bouncing the ball up and down on their heads to create insane combos that not only clear out a lot of enemies but also rewards you with a score that quickly spins over in to the trillions. Additional weapon power-ups are also available to tag enemies more efficiently

It's hard to escape the visual overload in the game, with special effects glittering and exploding constantly while text pops up and fades quickly to help you to keep track of your insane scoring combos. Sadly the overwhelming nature of the visuals can make it hard to appreciate the artwork and while it's understandable that something had to signify a 'tagged' enemy, having them blur in to obscurity just looks sloppy.

Still, the combination of a driving beat, flashy effects and a constant feeling of badass-ery brought on by the insane scores flips switches and pushes buttons in the brain that make the overall experience entertaining. Until this chemical rush of natural endorphins (or whatever it is) wears off, Drag Tag Smash remains fun and exciting and it's easy to forgive its smaller flaws in the process. If played occasionally it could remain enjoyable for some time, but ultimately the gameplay is limited and repetitive and easily replaced by the next flashy game to come along.


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