Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review

By , on July 29, 2009

Space Invaders Infinity Gene
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5 out of 5


  • Not just another Space Invaders clone
  • Great controls mean you won't close this game out of frustration.


  • A lot of backtracking to get every last "evolution" unlocked.
  • The music has a lot left to be desired.


Infinity Gene takes the iPhone very seriously as a hand held game console and it does so with all the polish an arcade giant like Taito can give it.

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that this game was just another attempt to return to a classic game and just give it a new twist, because you'd be wrong. Space Invaders Infinity Gene by Taito isn't just a rehash of an old game, it's a new game all in itself. Taito may have arguably started the popular trend for shoot-em-ups and Infinity Gene is almost like watching the genre come full circle.

Instead of opting for tilt-controls to free the screen entirely, Infinity Gene allows a player to touch and drag from any point on the screen to move their ship with incredible finesse. This is a godsend that allows you to weave with the precision that a fingertip provides without obscuring the visuals.

And how about those visuals. Taito has continued their Space Invaders remake trend by using trippy scanline backgrounds that almost make you wonder if this game has slipped through from an arcade in an alternative dimension where the 70s never ended. The music can be grating so iTunes may be a regular favorite while playing. Speaking of which, one added feature of the game is the ability to have custom levels made from scanning any song you want to pick and using it as background music.

Fans of the shoot-em-up, Space Invaders and challenging games in general will get a huge kick out of this game. Higher scores will earn you more points to "evolve" your gameplay (by adding in new weapons and game features), with no two games quite feeling the same.


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