Boost 2 Review

By , on October 10, 2009

Boost 2
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5 out of 5


  • Great 3D visuals and smooth presentation.
  • Highscore and leaderboard access via OpenFeint.
  • Fluid and easy to use control scheme.


  • No iPod access during gameplay.
  • Not as much content as some other games; only one main game mode.


Boost 3D is a great casual or extended play and while it may not contain extra modes, it’s certainly a game you have to check out.

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Boost 3D is a surreal and unusual game where players must travel as far as they can in a 3D tunnel. The game is a first person quick reflex game where players must avoid various blocks and obstacles by quickly dodging and moving around them to continue zooming down this tunnel.

Players control their movement by tilting the iPhone left and right; and that’s it. Players must only focus on avoiding obstacles by watching for coloured paths that appear before you. This will let you know when an object is about to come up before you. You will also need to collect boosts to travel faster. But once players collect a boost, they will be able to smash through any blocks at the expense of your boost.

The visuals themselves look seamless and very slick, and the colour indicator of when you’re about to collide with a block keeps the gameplay fresh. The sound is well done and fits the gameplay perfectly. There is only one main game mode, players have the option to turn on an auto-submit function for any highscores submission to the global leaderboards.

Boost 3D is a well developed and designed title. The gameplay is simple but addictive and there really isn’t much at fault here. The visuals and sound are fantastic and give the game its own unique charm. And while there might not be as much content as other games available from iTunes; what the game does, it does right.


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