Baseball Superstars® 2010 Review

By , on December 24, 2009

Baseball Superstars® 2010
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5 out of 5


  • Lots of modes to choose from.
  • Hugely customizable.
  • Fun chibi-graphical style.


  • Timing for batting can be challenging.


Arcade-style baseball games have had a long history and it's great to see one with so many features on the iPhone. Managing your team or an individual player is fun and can last hours, but for those after a more casual experience, there are still exhibition matches for quick fun.

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After a long wait, fans of GAMEVIL's Baseball Superstars 2009 can finally pick up the sequel to their favorite game. 2010 continues to bring solid arcade baseball action to the iPhone with all the features you've come to expect of the series and a bit more polish.

The controls have seen a bit of an overhaul in this sequel, removing a lot of the clutter from the previous game. Whether you're pitching or hitting, a virtual d-pad makes it easy to select where you're going to throw or hit the ball from. Fielding is done automatically, but once again the d-pad can be used to easily select where the ball is thrown after a hit. The game menus are also an improvement, but they're still fairly small so selections can be tricky at times.

GAMEVIL continues to impress with their use of simple sprites, animations and special effects for home runs that are a huge improvement over the 2009 release. The game comes bundled with six different game modes including the Exhibition mode. In My League you follow the career of a single player; Season does the same with an entire team; Homerun Race is a Home Run Derby; Mission provides neat challenges; and Match Play allows you to play a "multiplayer" game.

Ultimately not a lot has changed from the previous game, but a lot more effort has gone into 2010 and fans of 2009 will certainly enjoy upgrading. From customizing your teams to using "super" pitchers or hitters to decimate opponents, it's a great game for casual or serious gamers alike.


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