Deer Hunter 3D Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Deer Hunter 3D
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5 out of 5


  • Easy to use and responsive controls
  • The custom soundtrack option is well integrated into the gameplay
  • Plenty of unlockables and difficulties to keep players interested


  • Only a few game levels, would like to have seen some more
  • Not a game for PETA members to play


This is a great hunting game with plenty of options and features to bring you back for another round.

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Deer Hunter 3D is a game shooter that has players travelling around the world, hunting deer, bears and other trophy animals. You can take advantage of other hunting tools such as scent repellents or whistles to make hunting easier and land a large trophy kill.

The controls are straight forward and easy to get the hang of. You take aim by dragging the crosshair across the screen, zoom in and shoot by tapping the screen. Players also choose their hunting locations by dragging their finger across a level map to track animals all while monitoring the ‘hunting day’ clock.

The visuals are well done; the animals and environments are detailed in full 3D. There sound is rich with all the nature sounds one would expect when hunting. But players also have the option to use their iPod during the game, which makes for amazing gameplay if you’re a Ted Nugent fan. The game is single player with no leaderboard options, so the gameplay is more casual, which is fine for a hunting game.

First off, if you object morally to the hunting of animals for fun then this is the wrong game for you. Otherwise, Deer Hunter 3D is a fun hunting game with enough unlockable content and replay value to keep you interested. The gameplay is simple and responsive and with the option to play your own music when hunting, this is a great pick up and play title.


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