Fantastic Contraption Review

By , on July 2, 2009

Fantastic Contraption™
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5 out of 5


  • Excellent use of physics.
  • Endless supply of levels, your creativity and obsessive downloading is your only limit.


  • The tutorial is fairly limited.


Fantastic Contraption is a game that will tap in to your well of creativity and see if you have what it takes to think laterally.

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Physics based games tend to make use of its physics in a fairly limited way, with puzzle elements that respond to movement and so on, but ultimately they're artificially limited so there's a finite amount of solutions. Fantastic Contraption does everything to defy this practice and challenges you to not merely complete levels, but to engineer utterly unique solutions to its problems.

Your aim is to move a piece from one area in to a scoring zone by any means necessary using the tools available. Your engineering suite of tools include rotating engines and rods of different kinds to manipulate your scoring piece and the world around you. There are very few restrictions with each piece socketing on to the others in limited ways, but your creations can result in wall climbing marvels or even bulldozers to shove small obstacles out of the way.

Contraption is a very minimalist game, with the ground being a solid outlined green shape, moveable blocks being yellow or orange and so on. The visuals may come off as simplistic, but the beauty of this game stems more from the marvelous solutions constructed.

With an built-in level editor and creator that allows you to share and download creations from around the world, Fantastic Contraption has almost limitless playability and is value for money no matter how you look at it. This application manages to pair the simplicity of the iPhone interface with a strong physics engine and addictive gameplay that's hard to miss.


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