Zombieville USA Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Zombieville USA
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5 out of 5


  • The game is presented with fantastic visuals.
  • Immersive and addictive gameplay grab the player.
  • iPod access during gameplay is especially enjoyable when killing zombies.


  • No multiplayer or leaderboard options
  • Some players may find the gameplay a bit too repetitive.


This game is fun! If you love the idea of a killing zombies with a laser cannon or are just a fan of time wasting games, then this is a must have.

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Zombieville USA is a ‘run and gun’ type game where you play as a distinctly american looking man, running through various neighborhoods killing zombies and checking houses for money and ammo. Your goal here is to survive, but in raiding houses and killing zombies, you earn cash to upgrade or buy new weapons and refill your health.

There are four buttons in the game, one to move in each direction, a melee attack button and a shoot button. Players must kill as many zombies as they can and progress through the level safely in order to reach the checkpoint and upgrade section. Players can also hide from the zombie horde by going into houses and wait for a safe moment to spring their next attack.

The visuals for this game are incredibly detailed, despite being cartoonish in appearance. Everything from the zombie’s brain splatter to the whirling barrels of the minigun is presented in crisp detail. The music and sound effects are great and add extra tension as you’ll hear the zombies but can’t see them. Until it’s too late. Players also have the option to play their iPod during gameplay if they so desire.

Zombieville USA is a game for any fans of zombies, or more accurately, killing zombies. It is one of those games that grabs you as soon as you start playing. The fun weapon upgrades and pleasing visuals present players with a mesmerizing game experience, while the gameplay and varying levels of difficulty allow players to challenge themselves and keep gameplay fresh.


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