CLUE Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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5 out of 5


  • Great visual style and artwork
  • A very challenging puzzle game
  • Easy to use controls and screen navigation.


  • This reinvention of Clue is a definite change from the original and may take some time to get used to.
  • The game is single player only.


This game isn’t the original board game, but if you are a fan of Clue or a good puzzle game, then you’ll have fun with this new version.

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Clue is a puzzle game where players must investigate various murder cases by interviewing suspects, gathering clues and making accusations. If players are familiar with the Clue franchise, then you’ll know the framework for the murder mysteries that you will need to investigate.

Players use the iPhone’s touch screen to talk to characters, change rooms and find clues. The controls are simple to use and players will not have a problem navigating through the different screens. Character notes and clues are automatically taken down and can be easily viewed in order to help solve the crime.

The visuals are well done and the characters look great. The sound is good, but players also have the option to use their iPod as the games music, which is always fun. While Clue has always been a multiplayer game, this version for the iPhone is a single player version of the game, which is a little disappointing but not a huge drawback. 

This isn’t the original Clue; weapons, character names and the gameplay itself have been redesigned a bit. And since players are now given a timer for each case, this usually means you’ll usually cut it close when solving the case in time. But the game is still fun and the puzzle gameplay is still challenging.


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