Silent Swords Zero Review

By , on April 12, 2010

Silent Swords Zero
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3 out of 5


  • Lots of control options.
  • Elegant puzzle designs, blending action with stealth.
  • New weapons that add to the puzzle's depth.


  • Ninja still feels a bit sluggish.
  • Jumping can be hard to master.


Silent Swords ZERO isn't your typical platformer, but unlike regular stealth platformers the Little Black ninja packs a punch, making this a great (if mature) title to enjoy.

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It's surprising that the stealth-platformer has always seemed to sit on the back bench for a lot of gamers. While twitchy platformers can be fun, Silent Swords ZERO manages to slows things down turning small levels in to big challenges that are rewarding to eventually conquer.

Little has changed for ZERO, with the controls being as open as the original. Movement is performed by default with a slide bar to keep your speed in check, but variations are available including rhythm-based tapping to determine your speed or holding down. The iPhone can be twitched or touched depending on your controls to jump. Despite being a 'prequel', the little ninja has added a couple new weapons to his arsenal including: a sleeping dart that operates like the throwing star, using a swipe to aim and throw; and a smoke bomb to instantly teleport to a new location. A final touch to add to the controls is the addition of snow that can be used as cover even when illuminated.

Despite being so stealth oriented, ZERO isn't averse to moments of straight action so there's a little bit for twitch gamers to enjoy as well. Splashes of color keep the game from being another bland attempt at being 'mature' and blends semi-realistic backgrounds with broad cartoonish foreground characters similar to the first game in the series.

If you loved the original, ZERO is a no-brainer purchase, but new comers will find a solid stealthy platformer that's great fun to beat.


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