HYBRID: Eternal Whisper Review

By , on September 19, 2009

HYBRID: Eternal Whisper
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5 out of 5


  • An epic storyline will keep you engaged.
  • Great swordplay and spells prevents it from feeling the same over and over.
  • Many hours of gameplay to get through.


  • A lot of text to read through.
  • It can be difficult at higher levels.


This is an extremely well made game, that fans of the genre, or even people who like hack and slash gameplay should definitely pick up.

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Gamevil is known for making quality rRPGs and Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is their latest offering.

Taking on the role of Grey, a courageous young warrior, you are given the task of defending your world of Platina from the evil demons. To aid you in this task you are given magical powers and powerful combo attacks to cut a swathe through the legions of evil.

Much effort has gone into making this a polished title, with nice high quality graphics, plus the obligatory scantily clad female co-star is always welcome. The sound is also great, with the slicing of swords and roar of fireballs being very satisfying, and the game boasting an epic soundtrack.

The control system utilises on screen buttons which respond well, while magic is cast by flicking your finger across the screen. This system is fluid and easy to use, though you must time your attacks well to increase your combos.

Gameplay consist of plowing through levels of enemy arenas, moving on once you have defeated all in one area. At higher levels this gets frantic, with you being beset by foes, hacking and slashing desperately through their ranks. There is enough content to keep you busy for a long time.

The story is deep and engaging, and this elevates the game beyond others like it, as you find yourself caring about the characters and their world. This combination of great story, responsive controls and great visuals make for an impressive title that most people will enjoy, and will have JRPG fans salivating.


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