Bookworm Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Bright visuals.
  • Extensive collectables.
  • Progress is saved between sessions.


  • Limited gameplay variation with only a timed arcade mode.


Despite losing the "Adventure" portion of the gameplay, Bookworm still manages to be an addictive game that pulls up vague memories of words you barely recall and will even give you a definition for the more obscure of them. As a bare-bones word searching game with some collectable features,  it's hard to beat this one from Popcap.

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It's hard to escape the occasional word based game on the iPhone. In fact it's incredibly hard to escape them. So when a company like Popcap makes a word game you can only hope it's not only fun, but it sets the standard for other developers. Bookworm is Popcap's flagship spelling game brought to the iPhone and the word is "good".

Selecting words is as easy as tapping it out on the screen using the tiles presented, keeping each successive letter joined to the last. Like other spelling genre games, scoring is based on the length and complexity of the word spelt. Bonus tiles will multiply the score and penalty tiles will appear if you stick to short words for too long. If you're stumped, you can shake the iPhone to reset the tiles, but penalties will apply.

The interface is a bibliographic vista populated by book shelves, books, parchment and wooden panels. You can switch out the game's music for your own and the minimalist sound effects will save you from ruining your personal playlist. As an added bonus, Popcap have included word lists for players to complete which will keep compulsive players glued to their screen as they slowly manoeuvre tiles around to find them all.

It's a shame to see Popcap Game's Bookworm franchise drop the "Adventure" gameplay, especially when Peggle was ported to the iPhone so flawlessly, but Bookworm is still everything a philologist or other word lovers should come to expect for their game collection.


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