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By , on July 8, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Numerous game modes and excellent multiplayer ability.


  • A little difficult to control when you first begin playing.


For the price you would have a hard time finding a better Space Shooter. This is a game that you can play when you have a spare moment but it's also complex enough to have you and your friends playing for hours on end.

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Star Pagga is an epic first person shooter available on the iphone and ipod touch. Set in outer space, you are in the center of an intergalactic 'dog fight'. You have a range of weapons at your disposal with the goal of destroying as many spacecraft as possible whilst trying to keep yourself safe.

Entering the game you are greeted with an easy to navigate menu displaying the different game modes and options. Once the game begins controlling your spacecraft is achieved by tilting your phone. It is a little difficult to control at first, but after a while it becomes second nature. Once you find a target, aiming your cross hairs on another player for a few seconds will allow you to lock on and tap to fire a guided missile. The weapons are simple to use and you even have the option to adjust your speed during gameplay.

Star Pagga has a multitude of game modes including bluetooth and internet multiplayer, and also has a single player option with both campaign and challenge modes. This gives you hours of gameplay and keeps the game relatively fresh. The 3d graphics run smoothly on the iphone and are of a high quality. The epic sound effects certainly makes for some thrilling moments, however if you prefer your own music, not only can you play your ipod, you can customize playlists of your own music within the game itself.

There are a number of great first person shooters out there and Star Pagga is one of them. Any fan of Space Shooters or Sci-Fi games should give this game a go.


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DarkScience 6 years ago

Any one played this on here? I have been looking for something that resembles xwing vs tie fighter (classic 3D space battles) but ive found nothing that comes close. I want to be able to twist the ship in all planes not just go left right / up down. Know what I mean? any one know any games you can do this on?

TheAspieFox 6 years ago

Well, it isn't just mindless dogfighting, but Galaxy On Fire (as well as Galaxy On Fire 2) is a pretty good space shooter/roamer. There's plenty of enemies to fight, factions to join, a main story, several ships (especially with the Valkyrie and Nova expansion packs) to obtain, jobs to do, ores to mine and sell, products to trade, weapons to use (some ships have up to five weapon slots- including a mounted manual/automatic-firing turret of varying degrees), or you can just lounge around space itself just admiring the beauty of the artwork. -this is present in both games with the second installment featuring an HD version and voiceovers for a majority of the game).

TheAspieFox 6 years ago

My mistake, turrets don't exist in the first GoF.

Also, in each game, there are dozens upon dozens of planets to explore, and a good number of systems to look into.

DarkScience 6 years ago

I have bought GOF2 actually, I only played it for a bit because it seemed just to involve following a ship and shooting it down. It got a bit repetitive. Perhaps I didn't give it a chance to get going - got baord at mining. What I am trying to re-vlive is the feeling of flying up to a star destroyer, adjusting the plane of flight so that I can get right up close to it and fly down the length of the ship just skimming it, shooting up all the turrets on the way! that used to be so much fun - I cant believe no one has done a port of XW vs TieF, I'de pay good money for that !! thanks for the comments by the way - I love this site!!!

TheAspieFox 6 years ago

Yeah.. The start of it does get repetitive, but it picks up.

Unfortunately, there is no game that represents that style of combat, not yet.

I'm surprised that nobody has ported a lot of things... People could make a lot of money if they ported games over like that, and other classics; Lucasarts could port Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo, and I'd buy those in a heartbeat. xD

You're welcome. Sorry that I couldn't be too much help. I will keep my eyes open though for something like XW-v-TieF. (: